Glamorous And Stylish Blue Nails Design

What is in your mind when you think of blue color? Sky, or sea? Yes, blue color allows us to connect with nature and makes us feel comfortable and natural. In clothing and accessories, we will easily find the shadow of blue color which is the color that cannot be lacking in our daily life. In the nail art, of course, such an important color cannot be lacking.

Blue nails have many different shades. Bright blue is eye-catching, individuality, and easy to impress people; Dark blue nails are elegant and calm; Gray-blue nails are easy to match with fashion. You can match it to different occasions and wear as your wish.

Here is the collection of the latest blue nail styles. Each one is delicate and easy to match in the hands of whimsy and skillful manicurists. Click on the image to find inspiration!

Author: vidajoven01

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