DIY Mushroom Bonsai In A Glass Container

At present, due to the raging COVID-19, our lives have been greatly affected, the outing activities are restricted, and the amount of time spent at home has increased significantly. If you feel that your life is a bit boring, you might as well plant some flowers to pass the time and decorate your home environment.

In this article, we are going to introduce how to grow potted mushrooms in glass containers.

First, we choose a suitable glass container. Then, place the soil in the container, approximately 1/3 to 1/4 of the height of the container. For the sake of beauty, it is best to let the soil show a slope. Then, place stones of different sizes on the soil and place them staggeredly (find a stone with a diameter of about 2 cm to be buried in the soil, not covered with other stones), or insert a piece of wood into the soil, the other end of the wood Above the soil (also find a stone buried in the soil). Spray water to fix the soil. The bottom of the pot is now complete.

Secondly, place the prepared moss on the soil with tweezers and cover it evenly (the place where the stone was buried just now is empty), the root of the moss is loose, this step must be carried out slowly. Spray water to fix the soil and moss.

Finally, the stones buried in the soil were clamped out with tweezers, and the empty space was put into a mushroom bed. The mushroom bed was wrapped in tin foil in advance to expose the growth surface. With the growth side facing up, use tweezers to clamp the empty space. Then cover the growth surface with moss and fix it with water spray.

After about two weeks, the mushroom will grow naturally. Here are some common sense of conservation to introduce to everyone.
1. The environment suitable for the growth of moss and mushrooms is very similar to the environment suitable for human habitation: maintain a certain humidity, ventilation and appropriate light.
2. Moss and mushrooms are not suitable for growing in the dark, it needs a certain amount of scattered light or a semi-shady environment. During curing, a certain amount of light should be given, preferably weaker scattered light rather than strong direct sunlight.
3. Spray water multiple times a day, but do not pour too much water at one time to keep the moss surface moist. The best growth temperature of moss fresh is around 25℃, and it should be placed indoors in winter.
4. Moss is very different from other plants. One is that its roots basically only play the role of climbing fixed plants, mainly relying on the leaves to absorb water and meager nutrients in the air. The second is that if the air humidity is not enough, it will automatically enter the sleep state. The color will become grayish green at this time, but this does not mean that the moss is “dead”. In fact, the moss that enters dormancy is very strong, not afraid of cold and heat, and can withstand several months.

Well, this is the process of growing mushrooms. To give you some pictures for reference, if these beautiful plants touch your heart, then act quickly! !
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