Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Summer

This summer, we have more time to stay at home, it is better to dye a blond hair by yourself or make an appointment with a hairdresser to make a beautiful blond hair under the premise of safety.

Warm blond hair looks the most natural; honey butter blond hair, full color, will look more dazzling under the sun. Soft golden Ombre, gradient color is head-style looks full of change, even long straight hair does not appear monotonous; amber blonde is higher than honey blonde, has a more obvious orange and red background, while still maintaining Golden overall sense. This hair color makes the complexion look fairer and more translucent; caramelized blond hair, this popular combination is usually used with the soft ombre、balayage technique to create a smooth gradient of warm blond brown.

I hope the pictures in this article can give you inspiration!

Author: vidajoven01

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