30 ideas DIY unicorns

The unicorn first appeared in the historical writings of Greek culture and was recognized as one of the native animals of India.

“For a long time, it has always been a symbol of purity, strength, innocence and ingenuity.”

Nowadays, in Edinburgh and even in Scotland, there are dozens of places where you can see this pure white, unicorn that often appears in mythological stories. The emblems, carvings, gold coins, royal seals, wall panels, coats of arms, tombstones and tapestries all have their existence, blurring the line between imagination and reality. This magical animal has gradually become a national symbol of Scotland since the 12th century. If you are a unicorn fan, traveling to Scotland will definitely make you worthwhile.

Rowling’s “Harry Potter”, inspired by many real places in Edinburgh. Stories in the book about the magical blood of the unicorn and the unicorn’s hair made wand are everywhere.

By our side, almost all the fairy tales about the unicorns appear in the bright corners of the children’s playroom, or on the rainbow-colored cereal boxes, or in the beautifully arranged birthday party. The unicorn image, which is designed in various colors, is not only loved by children, but also young people and even some elders are increasingly fascinated by this kind of spiritual, gentle and beautiful cartoon image. People put the image of a unicorn on a variety of objects, and more and more people are starting to use their own materials to make a unicorn image. Next let’s open these 30 ideas about DIY unicorns together.


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